Here's A Bit Of The Story Of The Last Of Us

So when The Last Of Us was first announced I had my reservations on the game. After hearing a bit more on the story of the game, characters and world they are still there. Albeit this all stems from the little tid-bits that were recently explained to Game Informer. You can see the dev interview below to get caught up to where I am in knowledge of the game.

So plain and simple sounds more like a ridiculous "escort mission" style of story. While Joel does seem to have an interesting background, the overall theme here is keep Ellie alive and to some unknown location. Now who doesn't extrapolate from that Ellie most likely has some antibody in her blood that some "renegade" group can manufacture a cure for the virus that destroyed society. That's me just spit balling though, but you have to admit that the story is following the basic viral apocalypse story formula.

I am willing to give it all a chance though. I mean it is the same studio that brought us Uncharted and I was not let down by any of those titles even though one could say they followed an Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider formula in story. So now we wait for some actual game play, mechanics and possibly more on a story that seems to be going a predictable route. Let's see if they can pull through like they have in the past.